About Us

Senses Education is the international elite educational institution founded by the overseas graduates and foreign senior teachers' team.

Our teachers are graduates of world-famous universities with Teacher Certificate.


We are committed to serving the high-end family, for all 3-15 students English teaching the international course of counseling, study abroad, study tours and other private custom service, aiming to develop the students' ability of language, logic analysis ability, innovation ability, communication skills, leadership, and broaden students' international vision, to adapt to the global challenges in the future.


China Education Reform and Development Outlines points out primary and secondary schools should switch from "test education" to "quality education", which focuses on cultivating students' innovative spirit and practical ability.


We respond strongly to the national call. In teaching, we have integrated a large number of blended learning programs, which are synchronized with multimedia teaching. The course is very interesting and can help students of all ages explore subject knowledge and multiculturalism.

To further implement the quality education, we provide supporting overseas study tours and overseas study customization services, enrich students' life experience, and train students' independent survival ability. While looking at the beautiful natural scenery of the world, students could also learn the essence of education in the west and lay a solid foundation for studying abroad. Senses Education possesses rich experience in applying for global universities. We provide students with personalized study abroad schemes to escort students' overseas studies.

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