UK Education Counselor

Ann studied and worked in the UK over 5 years, dedicate herself to education service near 10 years. Ann is well versed in education systems, enrollment standard, school screening and visa process. She has fulfilled the dream of studying abroad for over 1000 students.


UK Summer School Adviser

Stephanie has experienced overseas elite education in the UK since 16 years old and progressed to University of York by excellent A Level results. Also, Stephanie has been managing summer school programs for years, she would like to provide more opportunities for students to exchange overseas.


France Math Teacher

Thomas received MBA degree from SYSU and then went further education in France. He has been engaging in mathematical studies since 2010. Thomas contributes to both mathematical enlightenment education and modern international curriculum teaching. His unique achievements are credited.


USA Math Teacher

April graduated from USTB and progressed to PhD in Minnesota University, USA with a full scholarship. In 2013, she won the first prize of the American Mathematical Modeling League and awarded the first prize of the third Chinese college students' mathematics competition. Her teaching approaches are easy to understand.


Canada English Teacher

Selene graduated from Simon Fraser University which is located in Metropolitan Vancouver and on the beautiful west coast of Canada. Used to work in GEDU, she is good at children's English teaching by using multimedia resources. Her teaching style is lively and interesting which is deeply loved by the children.


Australia English Foreign Teacher

David,Australian education expert,worked in international language training institutions such as Wall Street. He is good at English oral practice for senior students or business English for young adults.


Australia English Foreign Teacher

Ruth is an experienced English teacher from Australia. She has been working at major schools and famous education training institutions. Ruth is good at training students in an all-round way.